“Nobody’s Perfect”

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About “Nobody’s Perfect”
by Marlee Matlin

Is the new girl shy or is she put off because Megan is deaf?

Megan’s plans for her Positively Purple birthday party are thrown off when a new girl joins her class. Though outgoing Megan tries to be nice to her, Alexis is anything but friendly. Does she have an attitude because Megan is deaf?

When the two girls are forced to collaborate on a science fair project, Megan learns the truth: Alexis acts standoffish because she wants to keep her autistic brother a secret. But through sign language that Megan teaches him, the boy is able to communicate for the first time. And Megan’s all purple birthday party is a hit!

In this evocative companion to Deaf Child Crossing, Marlee Matlin’s spirited heroine learns that despite first impressions, nobody’s perfect.




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